Wooden Accents

Wood is a fundamental part of the design world. It has been a primary building material for a very long time. It is a renewable, durable and a beautiful material hence its use by many designers. Reclaimed recycled wood is the best eco- friendly choice for many interior designs.

It offers an aesthetic advantage and a great opportunity in the hands of Architects and designers as it is seen as a living material, unlike concrete or metal. Wood can be used in interiors as accents. Wooden accents are natural, and a homely introduction into interiors. They bring in warmth and a sense of comfort and convenience into a space.

This can add a touch of harmony into our conventional cold, monochrome spaces. There are plenty of ways to use wooden accents in your interior to make it feel calm and peaceful and also to cozy up a space. A wooden accent detail can complement the central themes of the existing space. The use of wood in spaces can aid in making spaces feel more organic and natural because of the colors, shades and tones the fibers come in. It creates this Zen atmosphere that promotes serenity in the interior.

An example is the same texture wood used as a panel on the wall, which lines up and complements the wooden table. This arrangement in contrast with the wall tiles creates a clean, natural space with an organic touch. The wooden accent used, adds style and texture to the space. It has been used to highlight the cupboard, staircase and table. It creates a harmony and contrast with the white walls.

It adds a modern and minimalist theme to the space. The different shades of wood used,adds texture and depth to the space. Thewood in the cupboard creates another layer in the white walls. The wood on the floor becomes one with the table and this creates an edge that flows through the space.

The wooden accents add that natural element into the bathroom. The decorative accessories can be added on the wood along with other materials. The wooden accents highlight the toilet and bath. It serves as a simple detail that emphasizes the material. It really works well in these bathrooms because it truly serves as an accent that celebrates specific parts of the space. Here it is the toilet and the basin design.

The wooden accent here is a bold way of bringing in nature and can be incorporated into earthy materials like natural stone marble or tiles. The accent softens the bathroom and adds texture to the white scheme. The plant used also helps in injecting that natural atmosphere and feel.

The best thing about natural wood is it works well in decoration and design because it can blend with the rest of the interior. Wood never goes out of style and is the best way to add character and enhance a contemporary home.

By Bukola Adeyemi

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