What’s Hot 2018 By Osaru Alile

Isn’t it amazing how trends are constantly moving and morphing…a lot of times, we actually don’t realise when we jump on the bandwagon with style trends. One thing is for sure though; they’ve always existed and will continue to exist.

There was a time when solid dark coloured furniture started to seem ‘old school’ and boring. 2018 is the time to move in a deep bold direction and push the boundaries of colour. Go big with statement furniture or use different shades of one colour throughout your space. Key furniture choices are going darker as designs are stepping away from pale, bleached woods and taking on darker tones to provide a new take on modern luxe which is befitting for royalties. Yes, Royalty like YOU!

Haemon Metallic Gold Mirror

In previous years metallics had its turn to shine and we even saw it make its way into décor via paints and  accessories. In spite of the ever changing trends, the spotlight continues to shine on metallic with more focus on  Gold. Gold metallic are stylish materials that add warmth and that super chic feel to modern interiors. Gold detailing on lamp bases, picture frames or door knobs is the way to start out small. Dramatic gold pendant light fixtures or  mirrors will do the trick too. There’s never a dull moment with gold. Let it shine! Let it Shine!! Let it Shine!!!



Ryan Korban explains this trend in its simplest form in a 2017 interview with Vogue. “This year, I’ve noticed that the concept of a ‘decorated space’ is going out of style and that ill only become more prevalent in the year to come. People want their spaces curated and not decorated. The idea of a decorated home feels old fashioned to a new generation of design enthusiasts. A series of collected objects as décor is the new approach”. This approach literally turns spaces from ‘set’ to ‘life’…making your space more personalised, refreshing and full of character!



There has been a recent move with lighting designers, away from direct lighting and towards more indirect lighting where light bounces off walls or ceilings to illuminate a room. This allows light to be diffused and spread more evenly throughout the space, creating a softer more aesthetically pleasing ambiance…and lets not forget the selfies!  There’s something about a room where all angels give you the right selfie lighting – so 2018!!!




Move over neutral bland looking carpets, there’s a new concept for carpets in town. Shimmery carpets. This new trend has a dazzling finish that catches the light. It can be teamed with shimmery wallpapers and decorative paint  effects for a modern yet classy feel. It will be a perfect balance between sophistication and vibrancy. Try it out and be sure to get space compliments from everyone walking through your space.
Did you know? There are actually people who have careers in trend forecasting and watching – According to Wikipedia, Timeseries forecasting is a quantitative forecasting technique. It measures data gathered over time to  dentify trends. … Trend, cyclical, seasonal and irregular components make up the time series. The trend component refers to the data’s gradual shifting over time! My job here is to ensure you’re not left behind.



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