TOP 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

If you were to plan or design your living room all over again, what would be the first 10 things on your list? Some items are must-haves and every living room should include them, no matter what the style or the design is. For us, these 10 items are:

1. Plants.
A vibrant, green, natural plant is something every living room should include. Plants are so versatile they look awesome in any type of décor or style. You just need to pick the right plant for you.

2. A comfortable rug.
A rug with a soft texture, that feels cozy under your feet makes any living room look and feel inviting and you definitely want that. Your guests would appreciate this too, even if they may not all say it.

3. Something personal.
For a living room to look and feel homey, it has to include something personal like some family photos for example. Without these little details the room would feel cold and less welcoming.

4. A coffee table.
Even if the coffee table is a secondary element in the living room and other more important features take priority, it’s also the detail that bring all the other pieces together and makes the room feel complete.

5. Bold drapes.
The drapes/ curtains give the living room character and are a wonderful way of introducing color and bold patterns in this space. Pick an eye-catching look for your living room curtains. If they’re plain and simple they’ll simply disappear into the background.

6. Candles.
Even if you’re not planning a romantic evening you can still use candles to make your living room feel more cozy, inviting and intimate. You can display candles on the mantel, coffee table or on the side table.

7. A tray.
A little thing like a tray can turn out to be very useful and a wonderful addition to the living room. You can keep it on the coffee table and group all your essentials in there like the TV remote, your favorite magazines, etc.

8. A TV.
Not everyone find a TV to be useful in the living room. Even if you don’t enjoy watching TV, your guests might. Plus, these days most TV’s are smart devices and you can also use them for other things other than watching the usual TV channels.

9. Comfy pillows.
Always have pillows in the living room. Even if your sofa or couch is very comfy as it is, some guests might feel the need for some extra back support or might enjoy having some extra pillows there just in case.

10. Cozy throws and blankets.
Throws and blankets are awesome to have around when you cozy up in your sofa to watch a movie. Have one lying around in your living room for such occasions.

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