Is Nigeria Ready For Open Plan Interior Design?

Light, space, freedom – open plan interior design is all about idealistic living. It’s about breaking down barriers in your spaces to create communal, accessible areas for everyone to enjoy. All of this idealism is all very well in theory – but how does it work in practice?

So far, open plan interior design has not been a huge trend in Nigeria. Traditional, clearly defined spaces for cooking, living, dining, working and leisure time are still much more popular.

Our traditional cuisine could be one factor behind this. With an sometimes messy and aromatic collection of traditional ingredients, keeping your kitchen space separate from your living and dining areas is often a priority for homeowners, however design-forward they might be. Yet,  if you’re interested in doing something different and enjoying a more flexible, modern space, here are a few reasons to consider opening up your interiors.

Enjoy More Space

Removing partition walls can have a huge impact on how big a premises feels. By opening up with open plan living, you can maximize home much floor-space you have and create a much more roomy feeling interior. With Lagos property prices not coming cheap, this is the perfect way to make the most of what you have, turning smaller rooms which can feel cramped into larger, more luxurious feeling areas.

Your Interior, Your Rules














This doesn’t mean you need to take out every wall in the building. Open plan design is about making your space work around you and your lifestyle. If you own a commercial property and want your marketing and sales divisions in closer communication, try implementing an open plan space in the office.

If your large family love to socialize, eat and enjoy music together, consider blending your living and dining areas to make the most of great company. Forget about the usual boundaries and focus on designing an interior which fits around you, not the other way around.

Let The Light In

Is Nigeria ready for open plan interior design

Another fabulous reason to go open plan is to bring more light into your interiors. With fewer dividing walls and more visible windows, open plan spaces are much brighter and airier, perfect for keeping cool and making the most of beautiful natural light.





Create Cohesive Design











If you want to apply a sleek, consistent look in your home, this is a great way to make it work. With smaller, separate rooms, the temptation is to use a different style in each area. An open plan environment calls for a bigger vision which gives your space a definitive style and look.

Break Down Social Barriers

Is Nigeria ready for open plan interior design

Open plan living is a great way to encourage communication. Whether you’re in a commercial property or a residential premises, literally removing barriers like walls will help to break down barriers between the people who make use of the space. Anti-social teenagers can’t hide away, managers can’t be at a remove from their teams. Open plan interiors make communication easier and more enjoyable too.



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