Miele Nigeria’s Head On Why More Nigerians Are Opting For Luxury Living At Home

Miele is a German family-based luxury domestic and professional appliances maker, set up in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann in Gütersloh. Mustapha Olorunnimbe is the Managing Director for A Plus Appliances Ltd./ Miele Nigeria.

Miele Nigeria's Head On Why More Nigerians Are Opting For Luxury Living At Home
Mustapha Olorunnimbe – Managing Director for A Plus Appliances Ltd./ Miele Nigeria

I had been working in the domestic home appliances industry in England including stints in BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausergate Group). My transition into Miele came a few years later.

It was during my first conversation with Miele’s head for human resources that I realised this job was going to be completely different from my earlier ones. I was used to servicing affordable goods for a mass audience who appreciated good value and dependability, but the luxury sector was a hidden club of its own.  The products I was familiar with before cost at least five times less and lasted an average of 5 years, compared with 20 years for a Miele appliance. So in a sense, all was value for money- but Miele was for different reasons.

I had to unlearn and learn new skills, gaining understanding as to why people would be willing to consider paying a little extra for luxury. Well- it wasn’t so difficult to contemplate on the plane journey back to the UK.  I considered that a standard plane ticket would be regarded as good value if one was thinking of price alone- but the comfort, service and customised choice is what makes the difference to that of business or first class.

When I initially brought Miele to Nigeria- it was to be the first in the West African market and so there were initial challenges. Nothing could prepare us for how the Nigerian consumer buys luxury but it helped that German premium car makers—Porsche and BMW—had done well in Nigeria and any market that buys these cars is also a market for us. So we took a leap.

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