Luxury, What Are The Misconceptions With Chloe Olumide

Chloe Olumide

With the entry of newer International luxury brands and a promising local industry, is the Nigerian
market well versed on the concept of luxury?

The appetite for local and International luxury brands in Nigeria has garnered more strength over the years as we have seen a recent influx of international brands courting a responsive African market. From home ware, fashion,
lifestyle to accessories, the discerning luxury shopper has become closer to their choices in Nigeria.

Luxury retailers and aficionados like Chloë Olumide, Creative Director at ‘The Luxury Collection’ a luxury lifestyle outlet in Lagos, see the burgeoning luxury terrain in Nigeria as fertile. The Luxury Collection launched in January 2015 stocking unique modern and vintage design homeware and lifestyle pieces. Items range from Lamps, dining  tables, to consoles and souvenirs.

We caught up with Chloë Olumide, to discuss the market’s appetite and her love for luxury.

Essential Interiors: What are some of the misconceptions regarding the understanding of luxury in the Nigerian market in your opinion?

Chloë Olumide: The most frequent misconception of luxury is cost. Luxury does not necessarily have to be  expensive. Ideas of luxury are always changing as it is based on personal circumstances and social contexts. At an exhibition carried out at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, they posed the question- What is luxury? To create luxury, they explained it as an investment in time. They go on further to explain not only the time to make the object, but also the process of perfecting skills. ‘Makers of luxury are inspired by passion and curiosity for the intricate nature of objects, the potential of material and complex techniques. This Motivation often exists beyond market  demand and can require an acceptance of risk. Making luxury is not concerned with practical solutions but with the extraordinary, non-essential and exclusivity. Mastery of a craft and exceptional expertise are demonstrated by outstanding precision, attention to detail and remarkable finishes.’ I could not agree more as it describes my passion for The Luxury Collection. I am passionate about what I do, and I make avery conscious effort to ensure that a high standard is met, in terms of the quality of our goods and the overall shopping experience. I tend to take risks, as the pieces I source do not always meet market demand, and in turn are quite unique and extraordinary. We create luxury by ensuring that our customers enjoy their shopping experience, fall in love with and can afford the pieces they purchase.

Essential Interiors: What are some of your personal favourite stocked items at The Luxury Collection?
Chloë Olumide: We have so many unique pieces it’s hard to choose a favourite, but I would have to say I love our vast range of accessories, lighting and occasional chairs. They are quite different to what you see around and make for an elegant statement in any household.

Essential Interiors: What informs your decisions when stocking items for discerning Customers?
Chloë Olumide: I usually go with my taste, which my clients seem to like. I sell what I would want to buy and decorate how I would creatively furnish spaces. Customers are a lot more cultured now. They know great pieces and always want the very best. I am glad that my taste appeals to them.

Essential Interiors: As a luxury retailer, is the Nigerian market appetite for luxury goods growing or declining?
Chloë Olumide: It is definitely growing! Not only are Nigerian’s exposed from travel but the internet and social media have opened up such a vast platform for people to inform themselves and get an idea of what luxury is. Over the years quite a few Luxury Brands have settled in Nigeria, this is due to the demand for these luxury items. They need to have a presence in Nigeria.

Essential Interiors: What are your personal favourite local and International luxury brands?
Chloë Olumide: I absolutely love the Luxury Living Group; some of my favourites from the group would have to be Fendi Casa, Trussardi and the Heritage Collection. Their pieces are ever so unique, with a clean finish and I am all for the modern feel with a classic twist. They execute this so well with neutral, earth tone colours and their  accessories are to die for!! Locally, I would have to say Lohn,; The Home Fragrance, hand poured in Lagos can easily compete with international brands. Their candles have amazing burn time and a strong presence! The packaging and presentation is perfectly executed!

In line with the brand’s tagline ‘Everybody needs TLC’, Chloë’s approach to sharing the message of each luxury piece is echoed in the brand’s service experience for all Customers by adding a touch of Tender, Love and Care from sourcing stage to delivery.

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