Living Room Decor with Candles

Remember when the only time we turned on candles were when nepa “took light”? How times have changed. Today, candles serve the purpose of much more than artificial lighting.

Scented candles are an interior styling staple. They create a touch of ambiance & sophistication, mask unwanted odors and make your home smell divine.

The living room is the most essential space in the home, therefore it is important to pick the right scent that compliments your homes personality and gives your guest a lasting impression. I’ve found that Warm and Sensual Scents like sandalwood, cedar & vanilla work best in my living room.

Here are various ways to style your living room to perfection using candles.

Coffee table!

First of all, a coffee table isn’t complete without candles. The styling options for a coffee table are endless, It’s all about your creativity and manipulating your arrangements to give it a curated ;but not so curated look. (If you know what I mean )

Don’t be afraid to Mix and match!

You can mix and match candles of different Colours, shapes and sizes.
Arrange a vase of fresh flowers or greenery, little knick knacks, a stack of coffee table books and top it off with a candle or candles.

Tip: A cluster of candles is always better than one lonely candle.

Try not to place everything in a straight line, Place items in the background to compliment the arrangement and not obstruct. Almost like you’re trying to draw a triangle.

Use different materials!

Having different materials can add a touch of glamour to your home. You can use a marble tray, and load it up with brass, copper or silver vessel candles or metallic candle holders.

Tip: The aim is for the arrangement to be cohesive not chaotic.

Spice things up!

Using a glass cloche over your candles when you’re not burning reeks of sophistication. Candle accessories like wick trimmers & candle snuffers can also be placed on your coffee table. Believe it or not, These are fantastic conversation starters.
Create a Centerpiece!

Candles can also be used to create a centerpiece on your coffee table or console table using candle stands and candelabras of different heights. I like to play around with odd numbers. Preferably 3 or 5 pieces. The height variation tends to make the arrangement very visually appealing.

Bookshelves are not left out, you can use candles as bookends, and as accent pieces. Candles can also be stacked on top of books or grouped together.


Another great way to use candles in the living room is with accessories. Accessories like Lanterns and hurricane bowls, wall scones make for a great decor.
These accessories come in different ranges of styles like vintage, modern, contemporary, rustic and will take any living room from drab to Fab.

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