How To Design A Den By Tracy Nwapa

Some people call it a family room, others, a lounge, or more formally, a Den. No matter how you look at it, there’s no doubt this room’s main purpose in your home is to be a comfortable space where the household can relax.

The family room is like the more unceremonious, younger brother of the living room. Where the living room is often decorated with entertaining in mind, the family room is decorated with more “real life” in mind.

Before taking up the task to decorate or design any space the first thing you should think about are the basic elements of design which are Space, Line, Color, Shape, Texture. They don’t teach you this but I like to add Purpose and Functionality to the elements of design.

Here are questions you want to ask yourself. What style am I going for? Modern, Traditional, Contemporary?

How do I want my family room to feel? Do I want a colorful space or more neutral? How many people will use the space and what is the actual purpose?

Once you answer the above questions you are on your way to achieving the perfect family room for you.

WCF (Walls, Ceiling and Floor)
I advise to always use neutral colors for your ceiling walls and floors that way you don’t have limited options when choosing furniture pieces. I always like to incorporate color through art or decorative pieces.

Choose your focal point.
The next step is to identify the focal point of the space. For a family room I suggest your TV wall which could also serve as your accent wall. If this room is where you will spend a lot of time with your family, chances are you are going to watch a lot of TV. That’s where identifying the focal point of the spaces comes in. The TV wall in most  cases always serves as the focal point of a family room because all the furniture faces the direction of the TV. Some people may want to also make their TV wall the accent wall by using a different color paint on that wall or adding texture.

Window Treatment.
Having options is always good thing when it comes to design. For a family room I suggest motorized day/night  blinds because you have the option to let in all the light you want and to shut out excess light when you don’t need it. Motorized because hey the family room is also known as the lazy room and when you are comfortable on your sofa the thought of getting up to shut/open blinds may feel like death.

Furniture Pieces.
An unapologetically enormous sectional sofa should definitely be in the most prioritized furniture piece. Style and  comfort are your top description when deciding what sofa to get. It’s advisable you work with dark or warm colors for your sectional because it will be the most used piece of furniture item. I’m not a huge fan of leather furniture in Nigeria so A nice suede or velvet fabric is my go to option. Other furniture items you will need is a grand coffee table preferably cushioned, a love seat recliner and some ottomans that way you can put your feet up while you relax on the sofa. With all these furniture pieces in the right place we have created balance.


A high pile rug, faux fur or wool throws and pillows are perfect for comfort in your family room. Accessorize your  walls with some art that fits your taste and there you have an opportunity to incorporate color if you must.

Around your TV unit or entertainment
center you may have shelves that need some decorative ornaments, framed pictures and books. This is a great way to add life and personality into your space. Don’t forget your coffee table needs love too. A few coffee table  books, faux flowers and ornamental pieces will further spice up the room.

Dim-able spot lights in warm white are a good lighting option for ambience. Picture lights above your framed art work helps to showcase your art and last but not least an eccentric floor lamp over the reclining loves eat will add that finishing touch. With all these tips you should have the most relaxing, yet effortlessly stylish family room of your dreams while not breaking any rules to the element or your pocket.


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