House of Splendor

House of Splendor, a hotel owned by SD Interiors Sarah O Daniel, is a boutique hotel & spa. The vision of House of Splendor boutique hotel has an expression in Deloitte & Touche definition of a luxury boutique hotel:
” They are small, highly individualistic operations, unlike modern purpose-built hotels. They are usually buildings of character; they are normally set on their grounds in peaceful surroundings and have high standards of hospitality and cuisine. They have an atmosphere that suggests gracious living. To stay in one is an experience in itself rather than a functional necessity.”
This Lagos’s well-kept secret is the perfect balance between tranquility and proximity to the airport, business centers, excellent restaurants, and entertainment places of Ikeja. We are a balance between professionalism and the warm, welcoming staff. Comfortable enough to be home away from home. Our healthful cuisines, meeting diverse conditions compliment the refreshing ambiance and generous guest friendliness.

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