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Benson Traditional Wing Chair

When it comes to living room furniture, there are some items that can be described as essential. But what to do if you have a budget cap to spend on each of these important items?

Splurge: Investment Pieces
There are certain items that need to be made to last because they’re going to get lots of use. The furniture in the spaces you spend a lot of time will get more use and endure more wear and tear than other pieces of furniture in your home. The spaces where we spend the most time are places where we want our purchases to last. However, I think we can all agree that our sofa and upholstered furniture get a lot of use and are worth investing in.



Heart of House Argyll Checked Fabric Chair

Save: Accents
Playing with accent pieces can be fun and really change up a room quickly. Change out a side table, swap out bright pillows for patterned ones, and add a rug with a little more texture and you have a brand new room! These little changes can be easily done, so we do them often. As a general rule (there’s always room for exceptions!), don’t spend a lot on accents. This is where you can really save.

Fleur De Lis Credenza By Hooker Furniture

Splurge: Statement Pieces
There are plenty of pieces that can make a statement; there’s no question about that. So how do we know when it’s worth it? Sometimes we’ve nailed down our vision for a room and then we find a piece with that fabulous wow factor. All of a sudden, our room wouldn’t be the same without it. If you find a statement piece that you feel will really complete a room, it’s okay to cave. It’s worth it.

Aimee Console by Stein World N320,000


Save: Trendy Pieces
Don’t go overboard on trends. You might love gold, but you don’t need everything in your home to be in it. Save on pieces you think are fun or of-the-moment, but aren’t sure how long they’ll be staying. Any item that is raging in popularity will likely fall into the “dated” category at some point.

Transitional Accent Chair N300,000

Splurge: Anchor /designer Pieces
We work really hard and as such we deserve expensive pieces once in a while. Anchor pieces are worth the spend, don’t be afraid of those. These pieces help us stay grounded and keep our design consistent. Maybe you’ve been dying to get some of designer Italian Sofa, or a Barcelona chair for modern vibes—do it! Build your design around these key wish list items to create a space you truly love. But don’t break the bank!

Transitional Accent Chair

Save: All the Rest
This differs slightly from person to person, but anything non-specific you can save on, whether it is necessary or it adds to the space. TV cabinets, extra seating, non-central tables, and storage pieces are all items you can save on.

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