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Entente 2 Seat High Back Pod
by Lyndon Design

Breakout furniture allows companies to have informal meeting spaces in open plan areas. They are particularly more flexible and less disruptive than creating partitioning. A major plus for incorporating these breakouts means it adds a relaxed yet functional seating area that helps stimulate discussion and creative thinking.

Cocoon Work Bay By Boss

The breakout furniture that will work for your space will depend on the style of your wider furniture and space. There are many types and styles of breakout seating so understanding the different choices out there can be beneficial before making any purchases.

Tufted Adjustable Bar Stool with Armrests
by CorLiving




Barcelona office Chair
bar stool
by Tinxs

Office Pods
Office pods are a modular furniture solution to create a room within a room. They often offer increased acoustics for meetings, training, office work & phone calls. The pods are built around a screen panel frame & are linked together to create a room or series of rooms without the need for any wall fixings, making the pods a great demountable acoustic solution.


Relate Work Stool
by All Steel

Seating Booths
Seating booths are upholstered acoustic office screens shaped to enclose the user or users to reduce travelling sound. Acoustic office booths offer the workplace an alternative space where a co-worker can make a quick phone call or short video conferencing call. Work hubs create slightly larger areas where a user can work or even meet in a small team. Both booths & hubs are easy to relocate should the work space need change.




Comforto 62 stool
by Haworth

Meeting hubs
These are a great way to create a cost-effective quiet space in an office. An effective alternative to a meeting room, meeting pods maximise space efficiency while still promoting collaboration and communication amongst employees. They are frequently utilised as a quiet area to concentrate, an area for one-to-one meetings
and team meetings. They also incorporate cable management, power and lighting if required.

The Work Bar
A newer concept that has come straight out of cafes and restaurants – the Work Bar. High tables, often with stools give the feel of a restaurant but have amenities to keep you powered and focused. Single or double-sided, this concept makes a stylish and flexible area to be on a laptop or give a first interview to a potential new hire.
Power outlets (and wire management) can be included to charge mobile devices, while foot rings can add to comfort and stability while sitting on a higher chair.

Buzzi Hood Acoustic TelephoneBooth
by BuzziSpace
Clip Acoustic Office Screen By
Urban Office

Phone Booth
Office phone booths are furniture products that encourage users away from the work environment to make phone calls or hold smaller video conferences. This concept offers an inviting space within the workspace away from other workers who may be distracted & reduces the need for employees to make calls outside of the building or wander corridors disturbing others.

By Bukola Bankole

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