GET THE LOOK – Executive Office Decor

1. Executive Chair:
If you are looking for an impressive, sophisticated comfortable office chair, an upholstered task chair offers ergonomic and generous spacing. Investing in a high-quality executive office chair can provide a comfortable seat for work while improving the look and feel of your office. The beautiful leather upholstery adds interest and style to an executive office. 


2. Abstract Painting oil on Canvas:
Quality office artwork implies taste and success, and will instantly make newcomers feel comfortable and at ease in your business environment.Whether adding art to enhance the workspace for employees or trying to impress clients and customers, find original pieces and famous replicas and maybe even discover a piece that can inspire you every day.



3. Side and Guest Chairs:
Any chair will do, but a nicely upholstered side chair will add a relaxed tone to your meeting that your guests will remember. Traditional looks and plush padding keep your guests seated in comfort. The soft, durable guest chairs feature a stylish, upholstered detailing that gives a feel of sophistication that your guests are sure to notice.


4. Executive Desk:
Leather office desks are comfortable and look fantastic in a professional setting. This anchor piece is at home in any refined office environment where a sophisticated level of design is called for.


5. Area Rug:
More than a floor cover, a rug brings a room to life and can provide the creative spark you need in your office. It can be the focal point of the room and helps to pull all the other elements together. An area rug warms up an office and also protects flooring from the damage of office chair wheels and makes it a comfortable place to spend each day.



Project: Executive Office From Ulivi Sallotti

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