Do’s And Don’ts – Feature Tiles

Creating a spectacular finish with a tiling job can be achieved in many different ways to appease a multitude of tastes, surfaces and budgets. A popular way to achieve such impressive results is to introduce a feature tile or set
of feature tiles into the decor, to create an attractive focal point. If done right this can be a treat for the eyes…if done wrong it could end up looking terrible.

When considering a tile design it’s worth thinking about the whole ‘flow’ and ‘space’as the feature should really pull every aspect of the area together, to create a strong theme. The following tips will help when designing a feature
with tiles.

Do – Stick to a theme
Sticking to the style that the house already has is a great theme However tempting it may be to opt for the latest trends listed in idealistic home decor magazines, it’s worth sticking to the theme that runs throughout the house. This offers a strong design throughout, it’s also popular to pick up on a colour used throughout the house and use that within a tile feature – creating a cohesive and elegant result.

Don’t – Tile the whole room
While sticking to a theme will help with colour and design choices, being completely rigid to this theme can run the risk of your house becoming a little lost in failed style attempts. Hence the word ‘feature’, to accentuate a theme or
concept with particular items or details – one rule of thumb would be to stick to either the wall or floor, not both.

Do –Dare to experiment
A geometric tile pattern can offer a retro yet stylish feature There are loads of new tile trends and designs on the market these days that can easily fit to a chosen style or theme, but offer a contemporary uniqueness.

A vintage revival seems to be emerging where geometric tiles are keys to a great feature. Ideal for a more retro-inspired decor these tiles will really stand out and stand the test of time.

Don’t – Be afraid to try something new
Modern mosaics can really stand out as a stand-alone piece of art Many people, when redesigning a space, tend to play it safe and go for more neutral options, which is great when providing a base for decoration.

However, when deciding on a feature, you want something that will really stand out and hold its own in and amongst other design focuses. Mosaic features are a great option here, as they borrow from traditional tile methods, but can incorporate a modern twist, depending on the design. As long as it in-keeps with an overall design, a mosaic feature can work really well.

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