Design Trends For Homes

Tech less living rooms
Homeowners are now looking for a more calm demeanour to chat with friends and family or just sit quietly. This is why living rooms in 2016 is moving towards a more tv-less space to allow more people time.

Multi-tone kitchen cabinets
It’s all about going bold and adding more colour and texture to kitchen space by keeping the upper cabinets white or neutral for a clean look, and then going crazy with the lower cabinets by playing with various wood tones and deeper colours to take your kitchen in another style direction.



Use of bold colours
Warmer and darker shaded pallets of blue with deep reds with elegant blues both in paint and wallpaper. Added with green and navy/deep blue accessories convey a sense of coolness and calmness for more exotic interiors
in recent interiors.

White Kitchens
White kitchen walls and cabinets is a trend that will continue. To avoid a too-sterile look, however, many designers
and homeowners are learning to add touches of colour on the walls and tiles, bookcases or other raw textures to add a more edgy touch.






Larger Windows
Exploring architectural elements that allow your indoor living to expand and blend with the outdoor is a rising trend in 2016. Leaving the conventional standard windows to a more unconventional floor-to-ceiling window to replace walls gives a better view and a more modern touch to post 2016 Nigerian homes.

More formal dining
People are now trying to join professional work and eating. In 2016, the use of more formal chairs in dining that serves as both working and dining space and adds a more contemporary look is now popular.

Using warm and soft toned metals
Metals like copper and rose gold are being mixed together to create a more elegant and glorious interior. Whatever your preference, a metallic purchase will always add an edge to your design scheme.

Using plants
Thriving for the green movement, nature into indoor space is now a major part of interiors in 2016. Introducing greens in pots or another major trend will be combining natural materials such as wood, stone and naturally textured tiles.

Use of patterns

The use of either 3d or 2d geometric and dimensional patterns in tiles and interior wallpapers is starting to pick up in 2016 to add that WOW factor and more bolder statements.

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