DESIGN TIPS – Discovering Light

Light comes out of the ceiling, hangs on the ceiling, sits in or on the wall, stands on the table or on the floor. Homes very rarely have just one light source. Light scenes combine ambient lighting with accents, direct with indirect lighting.

If you are trying to add the finishing touches on your room but can’t figure out what the missing aesthetic piece is, it may be accent lighting.

Accent lighting enables a room to become whole with separate pieces of lighting adding depth to the composition of your interiors. Here are some basic tools for adding depth to your interiors with lighting to reflect your individual style and function:

Spotlights: Spotlights help to create an individual ambience in the home. Spotlights mounted on track offer flexibility for those who like to redecorate: easy to rearrange, realigned, dimmed manually and equipped with different lenses.

Downlights: Downlights illuminate hallways and staircases with optimum efficiency.

Washlights: Whether fixed on the floor and wall can make smaller homes appear larger and brighter.

Pendant lights: add an elegant eye-catcher, their perfect colour rendition and brilliance suited as much for a family meal as for an intimate dinner for two.


























Accent lighting: can underline the individual character of a room efficiently with a few simple means: houseplants, artwork and other objects are emphasised precisely with different light distributions and brightness contrasts.

LED lights: Ideal for modelling objects brilliantly giving them an almost three-dimensional appearance or to make a feature of materials and surface textures of leather, wood or glass.

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