DESIGN TIPS For Designing Personal Prayer/Meditation Rooms

In Essential Interiors, we’re going to look at top five design tips to create your own personal prayer space at home to reflect your faith and personality.

Comfortable Flooring
Plush carpeting/flooring helps make spaces look more traditional. It has a smooth level surface, which is ideal for
soft comfort, and it will help muffle the sounds in the room to keep the atmosphere more quiet and prayerful. If you
can’t install wall-to-wall carpeting in your prayer room, put down a thick rug. If kneeling or sitting on the floor is part of your prayer routine, add cushioned mats to make the space more comfortable.

Monotone Walls
Colour of walls in prayer rooms is very important because they set the mood. More peaceful and calm atmosphere can be achieved with bright-neutral colours like greys, light greens and beige. Turn to your religion for colour symbolism to see if there is a particular colour you would like to feature. Make the whole room that colour or just paint alter wall that colour.

Minimal Furnishing
It’s best not to overcrowd a prayer room, so stick to necessities only. Consider how many people will use the room
at once. If you have a family or prayer group that will be meeting, have enough seats to accommodate them. If you are more likely to sit on the floor or kneel you may dispense with the chairs, or keep one or two in a corner for those
who can’t get down on the floor. A cabinet or a chest of drawers is convenient for storing religious items and supplies. If you have a book of scriptures, a sturdy bookstand is a convenient place to store and display it.


Simple Symbolic Alters
Altars are the focal point of worship in many religions. They may be big and elaborate, or a small space for a candle
and incense burner. Size largely depends on how much you expect to place on it. Minimal Accessories Decorate your prayer room by hanging framed inspirational signs, wall plaques or religious symbols on the walls. Get some large, comfortable pillows if you plan to sit on the floor for long periods of time. Incense, candles, prayer books for the Christians to enhance the spiritual demeanour in the room.

By Nabil Audie Mohammed

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