DESIGN TIPS Arrange Your Walk-In-Closets

If your home is large enough to accommodate a walk-in closet that can double as a dressing room, it can be easy to shut the door on it and forget about. In some homes, walk in closets are kept scrupulously in order.

Yet, in others, because you don’t have to face it, clothes storage can become disorganized and a bit of a mess. The key to a tidy closet, that will help you make your clothing choices on a daily basis, is to have everything well organized in the first place. If you arrange your closet and dressing room so that your clothes are each in a logical space, it becomes much easier to maintain a desirable look.

Storing Bags.
Handbags are a typical example of items that cause clutter in a walk in closet. They are often simply stuffed in to the bottom of a wardrobe space and get in the way of any longer items of clothing that you want to hang in them. If you want to select the right bag to coordinate with your outfit, you often have to pull them all out to see them properly. You can place your bagon shelves in a colour coordinated way.

If your walk-in closet is not just a large clothing store, and you also use it for dressing, make room for a simple seat. Even a humble bench will make your closet a more homely and welcoming place. You should remember that
having a seat will make life easier when you want to put your shoes and socks on.

Racking is the ideal space saving solution for storing trousers. Select a racking system  that can be pulled forward to afford you easy access. If you store all of your trousers on coat hangers you tend to have a lot of wasted space beneath them. Use a racking system at waist height, for trousers, and store shirts and jackets above them from coat hangers so that your clothes are stored in a logical way.

Setting Out Your Shoes.
Don’t be tempted to throw your shoes into a basket and stuff this out of sight at the bottom of a storage closet. Make life easier for yourself, when you are getting dressed, by installing a dedicated shoe store. A good tip is to have one shoe facing you with the matching one facing away. This will help you make the perfect footwear choice to match the rest of your clothes.

Island Units.
Make the most of the floor space in your walk in closet by fitting an island unit. If you go for a floor to ceiling storage unit in the middle of the space it will break the eye line and make your dressing room seem like a mini maze.
Choose one that is half height, but that you can walk around easily.

Keep your rings, necklaces and earrings in perfect order by setting aside space in your walk-in closet for them. Ideally, a jewellery storage space will have a dark coloured, or black velvet, lining to bring out the best in your jewellery. Compartmentalised drawers are ideal since you can store twice as much as you would be able to with a regular drawer. Another good idea is a slimline glass-fronted cabinet as this will not take up much space. Also, keep your closet in shape by treating it like a small room. Pay attention to lighting, wall colour, and floor coverings.


By Nabil Audie Mohammed

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