The Comfort Of Home Furniture Design

The word home connotes images of peace, calm and relaxation, a place we are in a hurry to get to so we can unwind.
Furniture at home is a major part of creating this environment, unfortunately in a lot of cases it can be easily overlooked, resulting in a less than ideal result.The following furniture pieces should be mindfully chosen when designing your home.

The Comfort Of Home Furniture Design
The Comfort Of Home Furniture Design

Most of us spend a lot of time in bed (if we’re lucky) so choosing the right one is of paramount importance. When picking a bed its design is very important, if you buy a bed with the wrong headboard it could lead to neck aches, if you buy the wrong mattress it could lead to back problems.
Pillows are important too. Getting the wrong one can have a negative effect on the body.

It’s not unusual to attend a dinner party and find the chair and table height incompatible leading to an uncomfortable dining experience. Make sure you take these things into consideration before you make a purchase.
There are no perfect proportions for the home and there is no specific rule except your comfort. Most designer brands understand certain specifications but if you are having items made it might be useful to try them out in stages before delivery.

It may not seem like a big deal but chairs are also one of the major hazards in the house. A decent chair should be of the right height, that bends the knee at the right angle, with armrests positioned at a comfortable height, preferably with a backrest.

A lot of sofas (especially abroad) are made of softwood; they tend to envelop the sitter, who then sinks further into the seat. In Nigeria, we are blessed with very hard firm wood, so it’s always a delight to be invited to people’s houses, knowing the furniture will always be firm and solid.
A final point to bear in mind is that comfort should always be a deciding factor when choosing furniture, if in doubt, utilize the services of an interior designer.










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