BRAVURA – Neo-Tropical Architecture In Lagos

Bravura Architects has just completed its signature building in Osborne Phase II, Ikoyi, Lagos. Bravura’s aim is to help establish a Neo-Tropical Architectural language in response to West African environment, in line with the works of SCDA and WOHA in Asia.

The practice’s ambition is to delight everyone that is privileged to use and experience its design. For the Neo-tropical discourse, the focus is to work with local materials and technology in a manner that is complimentary to nature.

Osborne Villa is unlike any other in its environment, yet it instantly lays claim to being more comfortable in its environments that its neighbours and yet one will not notice any borrowed language or motif in its design.



The brief was for a family dwelling on a slightly narrow standard plot and Bravura’s response is a plan based on a linear spine circulation. The ‘Spine Wall’, a central feature of the building, is celebrated both externally and
internally as it is formed with local Abeokuta granite. The vertebrae also divide the site and building into two clear functional halves on each floor.

On the ground floor, the spine creates distinctive two areas, Entrance and utility activities on one side and the other are, with its private gardens, is strictly for reception and entertainment. The same division of function is
repeated on the first and pent floors.

The interplay of spaces in the open plan ground floor, with a double volume dining room and the welcoming of luscious daylight streaming through the extensive glazing, is a sheer delight. To experience this home
is a joy to the spirit is a subtle way.

Osborne Villa is a welcomed architectural essay and Bravura has provided a luxuriant landscape design that is complementary to the building.

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