Bathroom upgrades are dominating 2018. It can be overwhelming going through people’s opinions and style choices .Nonetheless,
contemporary bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular than traditional designs among home owners. They offer better ‘WOW’ factors that make a statement. Therefore, this is my take on contemporary styled bathrooms.
Freestanding baths: These are used to create a style statement because they don’t require any tiling or furnishing. It serves as a design focal point in bathrooms. Homeowners in 2016 are using this to create a spa-like sanctuary. Floor to ceiling storage: Most newly built bathrooms are now
always designed to accommodate storage needs by creating easy access shelving slabs against either concealed toilets, wall mounted on vanity or even made to cover the entire floor to ceiling space.Curved walls: Curved walls on bathrooms are used to provide privacy in an open shower. Using the same texture on the walls and floors can add a spa like look to this kind of bathroom.

Seamless glass: Glass always elevates a small space and make sit look bigger than it is. Using the same material through out the entire space beyond the glass visually increases the depth of the space.Shower and tub: Contemporary bathrooms in 2016 like to incorporate baths in shower areas as one wet room. A tub forsaking and an open shower for washing.

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