ASK THE EXPERT With Omon Anenih – Mordi (How Do I Make A Small Living Room Appear Larger)

Space is an essential element of any good interior design. However small your interior, giving your home a feeling of space is a powerful way to create a truly elegant and stylish décor. If you’re not lucky enough to be the owner of a 52000 square metre property, creating an airy feel in every room might seem like a physically impossible feat. Fortunately, there are lots of clever interior design tips and tricks you can try which will turn even the tiniest of roomsinto an elegant, spacious-feeling area. Here are a few of my favourite techniques…

Think about footfall

Often creating a sense of space is actually all about removing any feeling of constraint. If you can update the features of your room that make your space feel cramped, you’ll be well on the way to spacious living. Take some time to walk around your home the way a guest would.

If any furniture poses an obstacle, move it. If the natural path around the room involves jumping over poufs or sidestepping around tables, you need to readdress your layout! Get rid of anything that makes the path through your living room feel cramped, keeping walkways as wide as possible.

Create a balance
Are the heavy or dark items in your room all in one corner? Do you have large open areas next to more cluttered zones? Evening out your décor can help your space seem larger by ensuring the eye moves naturally over the whole interior instead of focusing on just one part.

If your big pieces of furniture are located in one patch, try a reshuffle. If this isn’t possible, fill out any “blank areas” in the rest of the room with bright, bold art and accessories to make sure the eye is drawn evenly through each zone.
Tackle the clutter Clutter is one of the worst culprits when it comes to making a small space feel smaller. The clearer your surfaces and shelves, the more open and light-filled your room will seem. Take a good hard look at the objects in your room. Anything that is not used daily needs to find itself a handy storage space to keep it neatly tucked away and your home clutter free.

Get rid of heavy drapery
The more light you can welcome into your home, the more spacious your interiors will feel. If you’re using heavy blinds or curtains, it’s time to find a lighter, brighter solution. Choose light coloured fabrics for curtains and make good use of curtain tie backs to make sure you let in as much daylight as possible.

Keep it light
Light coloured interiors reflect light, while darker tones absorb it. For an airier space that feels bigger than it is, light walls and floors are essential.

Be storage smart
Having lots of hidden storage space is a great way to make your home feel bigger. From coffee tables with drawers to footrests with internal storage, the more clever little spaces you have to tuck your clutter away the better. Clever storage will mean there’s no need to invest in bulkier shelving or cupboards. Look for furniture that comes with hidden storage to make the most of this effect.

Choose bigger furniture
This may sound counter-intuitive, but one large, statement sofa will make a room look a lot larger than a smaller sofa next to an armchair. Multiple items of furniture can have a crowding effect on a space. If you’re strapped for square footage, invest in something a little larger that fits everybody!

Try stripes
This tip works for rooms the same way it works for clothes. Horizontal stripes will make you look wider, vertical stripes will make you look taller! Try incorporating a striped rug that points along the longest length of your room to make this trick work wonders.

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