Ask The Expert With Omon Anenih-Mordi – Bathrooms

1. What’s a nice touch that makes a big difference in a bathroom?
Definitely, without a doubt, I would say lighting. The right lighting, carefully situated can make all the difference to a bathroom. Even the simplest of spaces, with basic white tiles and sanitaryware, can look warm, elegant, sophisticated, stylish, or edgy depending on the lighting you use and how you use it.Working on show homes and Hotel projects, I’ve found that although guest rooms and bathrooms are absolutely key, the budget is also a real factor that project stakeholders are mindful of. The value a good designer brings to the table includes advising on and developing ways to be cost conscious while ensuring that the overall wow factor and experience of a space is not compromised. One thing I advise homeowners and developers alike not to compromise on is lighting.
Now I’m not necessarily talking bohemian crystal chandeliers or fancy techie lighting that changes colour a hundred different times. Sometimes even a few discreet strips of indirect lighting under the vanity or in a shadow gap over the shower can give a space that extra something. If you choose to throw in a fancy chandelier as well, I won’t say no, just be sure that all lighting meets the necessary technical specifications for bathrooms.

2. The wall above my TV is boring and empty. What is the best way to decorate around a TV?
To some of us, TVs are a necessary evil. Yes, we’ve got to have them but do they really need to be so imposing and so… TV-ish? To others, like my dear husband, as long as a room has the largest sized screen you can fit through the door, they’re good. Everything else is ‘jara’ as they say.
When designing, I generally prefer to have TV screens blend into the overall interior design. To be seen only when you are actually watching telly, and not necessarily to be the main feature of the space. Unless it’s a sports bar of course, then that’s a whole different ball game (Cheesy pun intended). Here are a few ways you can do this:
The art of incorporating a big screen seamlessly into your home lies in not making the television the central focus point of your living space when it’s not on. Once the sporting action kicks off, it’s OK to be hypnotised by your TV but, when you’re relaxing and entertaining, you don’t want to be staring at a big black rectangle.
One good way to minimise how much attention your big screen attracts is to use more eye-catching artwork on your walls. One big, attention-grabbing rectangle is difficult to ignore. If there are lots of similarly sized (and much more interesting) prints in the same area, your TV will appear less prominent.
Avoid giving it centre stage One sure fire way to make your screen the unavoidable focus of your room is to put it in the middle of your feature wall and have everything in the space laid out to face the TV. Doing so almost literally puts it on a pedestal. Look for locations elsewhere in your living area to make your big screen subtler.

Shelf it
A great way to create interest is to have shelving built around your TV. You can store books, display little nic-nacs and accent pieces, and have your TV be just one element of an interesting and varied storage wall.

Tackle those cables
Nothing ruins beautiful interior design like an unsightly tangle of cables everywhere. If you’re serious about maintaining a stylish space while including the best technology, whatever you do, invest in keeping those cables neatly concealed.

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