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Dear Omon,
I Know that comfort is key to making guests feel welcome, please can you tell me what elements of designs are essential to make guests have memorable visits?

Often one of the most neglected rooms in the house, the guest room is one of those difficult spaces which you rarely think about (or worse, use for impromptu storage!) until you need it. When designing or styling guest rooms, I usually prefer to think of them as I would a hotel guest room. Whether they are staying for a night or four, you want your guests to feel special and think back to their stay with fond memories. If your spare room could do with a little bit of love and attention, I’ve come up with a few quick tips to help you take it from “ho-hum” to heavenly in next to no time…

1. Buy new bedding
More often than not, guest bedrooms are bedecked with “leftover” bedding which happens to be to hand. Take the time to select beautiful bedding for your guest room, which matches the existing décor and helps to unify the space. In any bedroom, the bed really is the most important feature (the clue is in the name!), which means focusing on giving your spare room’s bedding a more luxurious update will make a huge difference, ensuring guests feel welcome and pampered.

2. Add something special
Spare rooms need to be suitable for any guest, which can leave them looking a little sparse and plain. But a stand out feature doesn’t have to please some people while putting others off. Some bold, personality-rich features can be pleasing to all of your guests. Why not invest in a romantic canopy for your guests’ bed? Or splash out on some statement lighting? Even a bold art print or indulgently fluffy rug can bring that personal touch which makes guests feel like VIPs.

3. Consider the lighting
Since you do not use your spare room as a bedroom, it’s easy to overlook those small, practical inconveniences which might have a negative impact on your guest’s stay. Often accessible, appropriate lighting is forgotten, which can lead to guests stumbling about in the dark to return to bed, or struggling to read their bestsellers before lights out. Before guests arrive, spend some time in your spare room. Identify where there is room for improvement, (perhaps another lamp and a conveniently placed side table is needed?
Maybe your lightweight curtains let in a lot of early morning light?) then update your space to ensure all of those important boxes are ticked.

4. Don’t forget fluffy towels
Whether you’re in a hotel or a guest in somebody’s home, there’s something about a fresh, clean, fluffy towel which makes you feel instantly pampered. Invest in good quality guest towels and ensure they are placed obviously and conveniently for guests. Don’t forget to double up so that guests who will be with you a little longer can enjoy fresh towels throughout their stay.

5. Include fresh flowers
Who doesn’t love a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers? A fresh posy in a vase doesn’t just look gorgeous, it also tells your guests that you’ve gone out of your way to do something nice for them, ensuring they feel welcome, treated and wonderfully looked after.

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