5 Ways To Design Your Bookshelves

If you don’t read books and don’t care about bookshelves don’t be too quick to close this article. Not all bookshelves have to be completely functional; I don’t see any reason why a functional bookshelf can’t be stylish too. Here are some tips and some inspiration photos to make your bookshelf as stylish as they are useful.

Rectangles and geometric shapes
Open geometric shelving enables wide usage and offers varied functionality to the shelving. Using white with geometric shelves creates the visual focus on the books as design components/items in their own respective right against the backdrop colour.

Minimalism is taking more forms in 2016. You can make the most of small storage with straight lines. Books can be
grouped by colour and housed in a pile to add a design element. Painting the bookshelves as the wall colour will create the impression of the books floating.

Staircase storage
Nigerians are also are taking advantage of their spaces that might be wasted to be useful and beautiful. Putting built in shelves in a staircase makes every inch of the staircase usable to accommodate various book sizes. This will serve as a good combination of function and decoration style.

Full wall shelving
Adding shelving with the interior door walls is a strong design element but adding it with a full floor to ceiling book shelving will creates a very dramatic look. Art and accessory pieces can be displayed on the shelving. The items displayed become the main focal point of functionality and design. The way things are arranged in this kind of set up is what adds to the dynamism and impact that allows a lot of originality.

Part of furnishing
We are starting to see a lot of furnishing being design with multiple purposes dude to small space. Incorporating book case compartments into furniture.

Dividing wall
Using shelving as wall dividers offers storage while also visually seperating spaces. Different styles of the shelving will offer the storage and size of the display. Having this kind of shelving means you get to have a porous and unobstructive structure that can allows light to pass through dividing the space while also not completely alienate the spaces.

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